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Paul Dodd

 added a 3D photo.


Big thank you to

Ben Johnny Smith

for supplying my new Aluminium props. I fitted them today and they fit like a glove.

Great product. Thanks again

Mark Howard


Took me a while but finally got round to fitting my alloy props I bought from

Ben Johnny Smith

. Just took for a test drive at a local park pond and alll good! Looks good and drives straight! Sorted! Website below.

Mark J Taylor


Massive thanks to

Ben Johnny Smith

for the mods on my boat, dropped it off today and within a couple of hours he had them all done for me. New Props fitted/carbon effect rear door/ greasing of motor and pins/ blue weed guards/ external swtich and 2 extra blue external lights to front.

If anyone needs any mods doing to there actor boat do not hesitate to use Ben Johnny Smith, very knowledge about all things Actor and and overall top bloke. Cheers again mate

Richard Edmunds


Thanks Ben Johnny Smith only ordered my usb chargers yesterday fantastic service will definitely be using you again

Steven Chester


A few week ago I sent my boat to

Ben Johnny Smith

to get an external power switch, some lights, weed guards, his propellers and carbon rear door... his communication was brilliant and all was great until unfortunately his dog knocked my boat off the side and smashed the hull.. Ben didn’t hesitate to order me a brand new mk4 boat and do all the extras that originally I asked for!!! Accidents happen and we’re all human but his communication and quick resolution was amazing! Thanks again for everything pal.. 100% recommend you

Tom Longfield

 shared a link.

New metal props came today from Watched his video on how to fit them and job done in less than 5 mins. Free USB charger cable from Ben too so I can now charge spare Actor boat battery from my car.

Steven Chester

Class mate thanks for the work and the constant updates etc . Really well priced work!

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